Tor browser

 In this article, I will tell you about how to install Tor browser on any device, whether it be PC, iOS or Android.  To get started, let’s figure out what this browser is and get to know it better.

 The principle of Tor is as follows:

 Tor network users run the “onion” proxy server on their machine, which connects to the Tor servers, periodically forming a chain through the Tor network, which uses multi-level encryption.

 Each data packet, that enters the system, passes through three different proxy servers – nodes that are randomly selected. Before sending, the packet is sequentially encrypted with three keys: first for the third node, then for the second and at the end, for the first.

 Inside the Tor network, traffic is redirected from one router to another and finally reaches the exit point, from which a clean (unencrypted) data packet already reaches the original address of the receiver (server).  Traffic from the recipient is routed back to the exit point of the Tor network.

 In general, speaking in a completely exaggerated and simplistic way, it’s such a torrent for itself, only trickier, more confused and in the form of a browser, which allows not only to hide your IP, but also a lot of other information that sites collect and see (and they see  believe me, a lot).

Install Tor browser

 Tor installation does not take much time and does not require special knowledge from you.  In order to start using Tor, you need to go to the site – and select the installation file for your OS.  After a simple installation, everything will automatically be configured for further work.  You will be given access to “onion” links that do not work in a normal browser.