Darknet markets

The list of top 5 darknet markets for today is given below

Grey market

Payment method – BTCXMR

 In today’s time, a lot of goods are banned in certain countries, but the more the government tries to ban any product, the more demand for it grows.  Since there is a demand for prohibited goods, it means they will certainly be sold, and even for a lot of money.  The only question is how will it be sold?  Of course darknet!  This is the freest part of the world today, and there is currently no better place to conduct illegal transactions.

 You can buy almost anything on the darknet.  A car with broken numbers, a database, any information in general. In fact, information is the best-selling resource on the darknet, even more than drugs and weapons.  Credit cards, phone numbers, calculation by car number and so on.

 Darknet markets have very clear rules.  This is not chaos at all, but very coolly organized and tightly controlled.  For example, if you buy something on a trusted site, you will probably receive the best service in your life.

 In fact, the police have nothing to do on such sites.  Well, let’s say you want to buy a grenade. You make a purchase, come to the place, and there the police catch you.  You’ll get put in for buying a grenade, and then what?  Resources will be spent more than this benefit.  They need to catch cool sellers, and they are very difficult to find.  If you want to catch a grenade seller by buying a grenade, nothing will come of it.  You can only catch the buyer, but there is no point in this.  This is a very reliable system.  In addition, the money does not immediately go to the seller, but is stored for some time by a third party – the site itself.  Until you confirm receipt of the order, the seller will not receive his money.

 Many believe that only marginalized people and drug addicts need darknet, but this is not true.  The name “darknet” itself does not really appeal to me.  I believe that the whole Internet should be anonymous and so free from censorship.  Darknet perfectly controls himself, this is not a haven for criminals.  It has its own Wikipedia, opposition sites, forums on any topic.  In fact, darknet is almost the same as the Internet in the early 2000s.  You need to understand what is the problem with darknet.  All sorts of stupid human rights defenders begin to throw off responsibility on the Internet for the fact that their children become drug addicts, although the responsibility lies entirely with the parents.