FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

 In this article, we will consider the important questions that users ask most often, so that you would not have to write support again and wait for an answer.

Deposits, withdrawing, ordering, cryptocurrencies

 Why is my deposit not shown on the balance sheet?

For each cryptocurrency, the amount of deposit confirmations will be different:

– BTC requires a minimum of 2 confirmations and a minimum deposit of 0.0005 BTC (Bitcoin)
– XMR requires a minimum of 15 confirmations and a minimum deposit of 0.16 XMR (Monero)
– LTC requires a minimum of 6 confirmations and a minimum deposit of 0.08 LTC (Litecoin)
– BCH requires a minimum of 6 confirmations and a minimum deposit of 0.02 BCH (Bitcoin Cash)

 Always remember to use high priority (commission) when sending cryptocurrencies.  Low transaction fees can lead to a very long wait for funds to be received, especially for Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BACK) during heavy network load.

Please be patient and wait at least 5 minutes after your deposit reaches the required number of transaction confirmations.

Funds will be automatically displayed in your wallet if you follow these simple recommendations.

 Can I transfer bitcoins from my account to another wallet?

 Yes, it is definitely possible. To withdraw your coins, go to the deposit and withdrawal page BTC / XMR / LTC / BCH. Insert the wallet address that you would like to use for withdrawal in the appropriate field and fill in all other fields (amount, 6-digit PIN code and CAPTCHA code).  Then just press the withdraw button, and your coins will be sent to the address you provided.

 What cryptocurrencies are supported on the Apollon market, and how to find out which cryptocurrency one or another seller accepts?

 Currently, the only supported cryptocurrencies on the market are: Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

  If you want to know if the seller accepts BTC / XMR / LTC / BCH, go to his profile and click on any of their products. You will see between one and four buttons: Purchase with BTC / Purchase with XMR / Purchase with LTC / Purchase with BCH.

Banned items

  The following products are strictly prohibited from buying / selling on the Apollon market:

– All types of firearms, bullets, grenades, explosives, mines, biological weapons, other destructive devices
– (Car) Fentanyl and any other fentanyl analogues, poisons
– Child pornography
– Killing services
– Sale / purchase of video / audio / images related to the suffering of a living creature (people, animals and any other living creature)
– Selling malicious software that could harm the buyer in any way (backdoored software.)

  If you try to buy / sell any of the above products, your account will be blocked forever.

How do ratings and feedback work?

 After the buyer’s order is completed, the buyer will be able to evaluate the transaction either positively or negatively.  The buyer also has the right to leave a short comment about the transaction, which is visible to all users.

 Never mention the details of how your order will be masked in the review left!

What is the mnemonic?

 Mnemonic is used for recovery purposes for your account .  These are a few phrases that are displayed only during registration and which you must remember.  You can use your mnemonic to reset your password or pin at any time.

Guidelines and rules for buyers

– Complete your orders.  Once you have received and checked your order, as soon as possible update the status of the transaction as completed, so that there would be no delays in payment!
– Be reasonable.  Always think and ask questions before acting the other way around.
– Do not post in your review the specifics of the delivery of goods that you discussed with the supplier.
– Before buying, be sure to read the seller’s rating and its reviews.
– Do not try to cheat and always be honest if you ever happen to be in a dispute.